Monday, March 28, 2005

Today's news concerned the new US gun laws. Is Larry Craig really planning to make it so easy to obtain military grade weapons?
I have a question for the NRA, if I may?
Why do you need military-grade weapons?
Come on, let's face it - nobody's going to invade America in our lifetimes. Canada will need another 10 years to recreate its army. Mexico's army hasn't been a threat since Santa Anna died. And nobody else is going to be able to sneak an invasion force through the world's biggest navy.
Terrorists? Assuming they don't use their usual hit and run suicide approach, what are you planning to do? When they hit, are you all going to grab your sniper rifles and race downtown to help contain the threat? No?
Then what? You don't use a 50 caliber sniper rifle to hunt with, unless you're hunting something with body armor. And that's illegal.
Are you afraid that the government is going to come and take your freedoms away? Two problems with that.
a) They ARE taking your freedoms away, and you're cheering.
b) The neo-cons are your allies. That means that the ones who would take your guns away would have to be the liberals. Do you really think they would have the nerve?<

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