Friday, April 08, 2005

Since I've started blogging, I've started reading other people's blogs. Fair is fair, right?
I think I'll stop reading American ones.
Honestly, I think I am witnessing the start of the second American Civil War. There are two definite sides, and no attempt at reconciliation. None at all.
Every post consists of variations of "Your last post was #@&%$!!, because . . ."
No attempt is made to examine other points of view, or to verify facts and arguments.
I expect the shooting to start any time now.

By the way, this is why blogs will never replace the media. The media has the ability to investigate and verify. Some guy in his Peoria basement has no way of learning whether a Washington insider did something dirty. He can only pontificate based on his faith in his leaders and party.
And we know what that's worth. Question: Anyone out there old enough to remember when the term "crooked politician" was NOT an oxymoron? Didn't think so.

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