Monday, July 25, 2005

Take half the Military budget for this year, and give it to the FBI.
That is my advice to the Federal government on the subject of The War On Terror.
We have the wrong mindset when dealing with the terrorists, both here, in Britain, and in Iraq. We are not dealing with an organized force, with guns, tanks, and planes. We are dealing with gangs. A terrorist group is 4 guys and their plastique. They are not tacticians, they are martyrs. They know enough to read the Koran and build a bomb.
You don't need a battalion to beat a terrorist group. They aren't that tough. You need a SWAT team, or a realy good Navy SEAL. Beating them is not the problem.
The problem is finding them. That's why we need to fund the FBI.
Unfortunately, it's also why we need to dump John Bolton.
God knows the UN needs to be revamped, but right now, the US needs friends and sympathy more than anything. It needs hundreds and thousands of foreigners who are sympathetic the America, and are therefore willing to pass along overheard conversations and suspicious names. Without these sympathizers, America is blind.
Being blind in a war zone gets you shot.

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