Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Martin Luther King - the legacy. Maybe.

January 20 is the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. I have been reading many blogs that have "celebrated" this holiday.
April 4th might be a more appropriate day to remember Dr. King. It was the day of his death. And for years now they have been trying to kill off his legacy.
In the last week I have read about how MLK would have hated affirmative action, fought against quotas in universities, and supported the war in Iraq. Nice that he's not around to dispute these opinions, isn't it.
Martin Luther King wanted people - all people - to be treated like people. He would have hated affirmative action but he would have supported it as well, until its job was done. He would have fought against private schools and breaks for the rich while the poor couldn't get medical treatment.
But the vast majority of pundits don't care anymore what HE wanted. They use his reputation, his arguments, to promote their own positions.
Yes, I think most of those in power right now would like to celebrate his death, rather than his birth - because April 4th was the day his name and reputation became theirs, to do with as they wished.

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