Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Smurfs get bombed

This just in.
UNICEF has just unveiled a cartoon for a fund raising effort for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Burundi. It features the Smurfs, those blue guys we all saw in the 70s, being bombed out of existence.
This bothers me on several levels.
1) that there are real people out there who think that we have become jaded by seeing scenes of real kids with real injuries, but that seeing Papa Smurf disemboweled by shrapnel will get us to open our wallets again.
2) that it actually WORKED in Belgium.
3) that it would work in America, but for different reasons - several acquaintences would probably pay good money to see Brainy's legs cut off at the knees, no matter who the money went to.
4) that bombed villages have something to do with child soldiers - maybe if we saw Smurfette forced to carry an AK-74 . . .

and 5)
. . . that somebody will eventually figure out that it would work with our cultural icons, too.
Who do you think they'll kill first - Mickey, Barbie, or Captain Kirk?

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