Friday, August 26, 2005

As we either complain or commiserate with the Iraqi over their inability to write a constitution, I can only wonder whether the American people could write one today.
Can you imagine Founding Fathers Rove and Wolfowitz debating with Kennedy and Kerry over the contents? Would topics like The Right to Life make it onto the table? How about a State Religion - yea or nay?
I don't think the divisions between the average red state republican and blue state democrat are all that great - we all want freedom, safety, health, and justice. But this country isn't ruled by the average men, any more than Iraq is. Just as the untractable warlords and clerics wrestle over that country's oil profits, so too is this country's politics governed by its extremists.
And that's what's wrong with America today. The Warlords and Clerics. Thank you.

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