Monday, August 29, 2005

Why don't we just start the second American civil war and be done with it?
Day after day, the fanatics on both sides do more and more to pull the moderates to one side or the other. There is no rapprochement, there is no attempt at rapprochement, between the left and the right, on topics like the war, abortion, free speech, the government, or civil rights.
Now the battle has moved to the children. Right and left wingers now can choose politically-affirmative children's books to spread their opinions to the next generation. Children will now grow up never having seen or heard any arguments opposite to their parent's politics.
Meanwhile, the FCC is moving to really crack down on "indecent" content on the Web, cable, and satellite.
What is "indecent"? Let's say that Endangering out Troops is indecent and inappropriate. Who decides what is endangering our troops? The media? The government? The special interests?
What if criticizing our leadership is called Endangering our troops? Can the government then cut off all dissent? Don't mock - a lot of people on the right consider questioning government decisions about the war to be traitorous and inappropriate.

The last election nearly brought the country to blows, with all the rhetoric about voting fraud. The next election will be even more desperate, with the far right hoping to stave off the reversal of all their reforms, and the left determined to undo the damage caused by the neo-conservatives. We may yet see war in America.

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