Sunday, August 14, 2005

A little comment on Intelligent Design. Pay attention.

Turn on a light switch. What happens?
Electrons flow down the wire, heat up the filament, and leave via the other wire.
The filament glows, due to heat. Light is produced.
A little simplified, but suitable for our purposes. OK? Everybody clear?

OK. Why does heat produce light? Why do electrons produce heat? Why are there electrons?

Theology states that God made the rules.
Science is the action of discovering just what those rules are.

God is perfectly capable of creating a system where creatures (including us) evolve from other creatures. Given his known reactions to pomposity and pride, he is even LIKELY to have done so. Science doesn't question God's judgement. Science looks at the evidence and tries to determine what exactly God did.

It may distress certain people to learn that God didn't create them special, and that we are just ONE of His creations. Pity. Live with it, snob.

Evolution is the method science has determined, from the evidence, that God used. If that offends your high and mighty opinion of yourself, then the fault is in you. Get off your high horse and face the truth.

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