Monday, August 29, 2005

I have added a new link box. About halfway down, you will find a link for, a non-partisan site vital to anyone who is or wants to be politically savvy. Not only does it give you the basics on how Capital Hill works, not only does it give you the names and titles of every honcho, mover, and shaker on the Hill, but it also lists EVERY BILL currently in front of Congress, along with sponsors and status. It also has addresses for your congressman - hell, for everybody's congressman - and the means to contact them. Quite invaluable, old chap.

I noticed something missing when I last checked the site. There are no bills concerning Homeland Security currently being submitted. Nothing about funding new initiatives, more agents, staff, or checkers, nothing about beefing up security around fuel tanks, industrial sites, harbors, or airports.
I guess we must be safe.

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