Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm having a little trouble figuring out who to link to.
I want to cover both sides of the political spectrum (along with a few non-political sites, but that's another story). What I don't want is pure opinion sites.
You know the type - "Mr. X's actions clearly show that he is a crypto-fascist who hates America!". They come in both Democrat and Republican varieties, and I do not want them cluttering my site.
There are serious challenges to our way of life occurring right now. We need to explore ideas to combat these challenges. We need to evaluate the ideas on their merits. Statements like the above are merely opinions, which neither validate nor repudiate ideas. Flames and slime are of no use except to amuse those too fearful to confront the challenges ahead.
I will investigate any site or blog recommended in the comments.

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