Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush is going to regret gutting FEMA.
The White House has said that it is not the time or place to lay the blame, or to review the performance of the appointees like Brown.
They'd better make it the time. More hurricanes are headed Florida-way. If another city gets plastered without proper FEMA assistance, Bush is going to need the National Guard in Washington to keep out the rioters.
And I don't think Jeb is going to let him get away with the "locals at fault" arguments the right wingers and "anonymous government sources" have been throwing around. (did't they get rid of those after Miller?)
Jeb may have presidential ambitions of his own, and "Flubbed the hurricane relief effort" is not going to look good on his resume. If George tries to blame the next one on Jeb, there's going to be a party split. Not to mention a family fight.

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