Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Does anybody remember what it was like to have hope?
Remember when we thought things were going to get better? When we thought our lives were going to improve?
Remember when we were going to have MORE leisure time? BETTER health care? A cure for cancer and a life span of 150?
Remember when we were going to explore the solar system, mine the asteroids, beam solar power down for our needs? Remember when we were going to have homes as cheap as cars, and the power company would have to bill us yearly because our monthly charges would only come to a few cents?
Remember when cars were going to run for pennies per mile, and food would be plentiful?

What happened?

If the governments of the last 50 years have done anything for us, it has been to strip us of hope. Republicans, Democrats - they have both bowed down to the Corporation, that legal fiction with the mind of a sociopath and the heart of Scrooge, and we have died a little inside.
If you ever need a reason for drug use in this country, consider that the primary use of drugs is to numb pain. The unacknowledged pain of hopelessness.

If Democrats want to win the next election, let them offer us hope. If the Republicans want to keep power, let them fulfill a few dreams.
If they want to kill the United States, they are doing just fine right now.

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