Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not bad.
I just watched the live address of George W. Bush on TV. As speeches go, not bad.
I liked that the government has fixed the many things it has. I liked the three measures the government is about to take to alleviate poverty in the Katrina-hit areas, and stimulate jobs.
I wish he would have extended those measures to cover all the poor across the entire US, but New Orleans is a start.
I am also happy to hear that there is going to be a revision of the disaster planning nationwide, to prevent further Katrinas from similar devastations.

However, these are just promises so far, and we know what politicians are like with promises. It is our job now to hold him to these. No matter what the Democrats would like, the Bush government will not be going for a few years. Any plans that are carried out will be their plans. It is our job to make sure their plans are the right plans for America.

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