Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've been cruising the Conservative blogs for the last few hours, and I've learned an important rule.

Treat with suspicion anyone who uses the term "moonbat".

The word has become the touchstone for the right wing wannabes. Anybody who wants to gain respect, and has nothing to say, just quotes a news story under a title like "Moonbats at it again!"
To all you moonbat folk - read Victor David Hanson.
Read how he analyzes an event, points out the left wing fallacies, and then, actually suggests solutions.
See how he does it using proper English, without resorting to invective. see him try to improve the situation, instead of inflame it.
This is what your blog should be like. It is what my blog would be like if I had the insider information he has. As it is, I try to make intelligent points according to the facts as they are presented to me, and I refrain from name calling.
After all, I am wrong a lot.

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