Friday, September 09, 2005

Scientists say we're getting smarter.
The two human genes that determine brain size and complexity, ASPM and microcephalin, are apparently still evolving. This could mean that our decendants will be much smarter than today's human.
Hopefully, we can hold on that long. In other news:
- The war in Iraq is not the fourth most expensive war in US history. It has cost every taxpayer in the US $850.
- Brown has been recalled to Washington. This is not a reflection of his lack of abilities, acording to the director of Homeland Security and several bloggers. This is because FEMA cannot focus on just one incident, but must be ready to handle other disasters as they come. In other words, he's going to be in charge of the next disaster, too.
- The order to forcibly evacuate New Orleans has been lifted. Yesterday, it was manditory to get everyone out. They wouldn't be able to clean the place up unless they got everyone out. Hundreds of poor citizens were loaded onto trucks with few or none of their belongings, shipped to a different state in some cases. In unrelated news, some of the rich homeowners of New Orleans have started moving back in, in order to protect their fine houses from looting. Some of them have brought security teams to help guard their homes. Many are no doubt big political contributors.

Life goes on.

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