Thursday, September 08, 2005

To any and all apologists out there - it IS Bush's fault.
He and his cronies have been in power for over 5 years now.
Complete power. Majorities in both House and Senate.
He has had 5 years to work. 5 years to improve things.
He was the one who decided that local and state governments must handle disasters. If things turn out badly because local and state functionaries could not manage, it is due to his decision. He did not have to push everything onto other shoulders if he didn't want to.
HE had a powerful, capable FEMA when he started his first term. He gutted it. If it hasn't worked out, it is because he made a bad decision.
(Partisan politics, you say? Democrats deliberately fouling things up to make Bush look bad? Fine. He and his friends should have known there'd be partisan politics, and planned accordingly. They didn't. They're still stupid.)
Mr. Bush says it isn't the time for blame or politics. Of course he does. The last thing a crook wants is for the investigation to start, especially if he knows it's an open and shut case.
Sorry, Mr. Bush. I have given you the benefit of the doubt in the past, but this cannot be explained away, blamed on the liberals, or pushed aside as "unimportant".

It IS time. Time for you to face your public.

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