Monday, September 12, 2005

Gonna nuke them terrorists.
That's the story from the Washington Post yesterday. The Pentagon wants approval for a new strategy in which nuclear weapons could be used preemptively against terrorists, or rogue states, that are planning a WMD attack against the United States.
1) Here's the lazy man's government at work. Not even going to bother invading or declaring war on 'em - just going to blast them. Apparently SOMEBODY's finally acknowledging that having all the troops in one basket isn't a good idea.
2) Lazy Man part two - Can't even be bothered looking for terrorists any more. Terrorists are thirty guys and their bomb lab. You could take them out with a SEAL team - if your intelligence agency could tell you where they are. A shame nobody is talking to CIA agents anymore, but WHO CARES! Narrow it down to the nearest city, and boom!
3) Naturally, nobody will feel threatened by this. After all, America has never simply declared a country to be a "rogue state with WMDs" out of faulty intelligence, greed, or wishful thinking. No, it's only a few nations that would feel threatened.
Thus, it only stands to reason that . . .
4) Naturally, none of the other nuclear/major powers are going to consider this strategy to be A MAJOR THREAT BY A ROGUE STATE. Everyone loves America, and nobody would use a nuclear first strike to bomb the hell out of us. Right?

This is scary.

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W.P. Martin said...

I am loving your blog, friend. Though I am not too politically active (I definitely should be with all this happening) I love to know what's happening and I wish I could scream loud enough for everyone to hear and wisely enough for everyone to understand. I'll be reading you often. Keep it up.