Friday, September 02, 2005

Imagine that Katrina never happened - that instead, terrorists blew the levees.
What would be different?

Would Canada still be unable to send aid because Homeland Security bureaucrats are tying it up? Probably.
Would Bush have still dragged out his vacation as long as politically feasible? Probably.
Would the Louisiana National Guard still be struggling to provide aid with 40% of its strength in Iraq? Probably.

Would we be putting up with this?
Then why are we putting up with this now?
No, people. The Republicans won the last election by insisting that they could handle emergencies. They didn't quibble, didn't add "so long as they are caused by arab extremists". They said they could handle this kind of thing.
They can't handle this kind of thing.
All the red hot rhetoric, spin doctoring, blame shifting, acusations of disloyalty, and suspensions of disbelief will not change the fact that an American city has been destroyed, and the government is unprepared and incapable of responding properly.


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